18 Boudoir Photo Ideas

If you’re looking for some Boudoir photo ideas, this is the spot! We’re so excited you’re here!

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1.Have a glass of wine if you need it to help yourself relax before your shoot. Feel free to bring it with you and we’ll keep it cool in our fridge!

2. Pamper yourself for the day: nails, a blow-out at your salon, and a light brunch. Then at the studio, have hair & makeup professionally done.

3. Buy some new lingerie & outfits while you’re at it! There’s nothing quite like having something new to wear to make you feel amazing!

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4. Make it a party. If you’d be more comfortable bring a friend with you! Or your whole entourage and make it a boudoir party where everyone gets their own mini session! Ask us how to make this happen for you!

5. Include your partner. There’s nothing sexier than one on one sexy portraits with the love of your life!


6. Incorporate your partner’s interests. Is he into a specific sport? Or does he wear a tie every day? Bring his favorite jersey or tie for us to incorporate!

7. Bring Unique Props:

  • Coffee & Oversized Sweater: if your’re happiest with a cup of coffee and your favorite sweater, bring it! These pictures should definitely show off who you are as a person too!
  • Veil: recently married or about to be married? Bring your viel! We’ve got a number of ideas for how to incorporate it!
  • Masks: not virus protection, but like masquerade masks! These are great for adding a bit of mystery to your portraits!
  • Sports: Jerseys, baseball hats, footballs, etc. If it is a part of yours or your partners lives, bring it!

8. Include your hobbies.
Do you or your partner play guitar? Want a sexy implied undress photo holding a guitar?

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9. Outdoors: I love a good outdoors boudoir shoot on your private property!

  • Field: an empty field where we can wrap you in a flag, or create a gorgeous sunset silhouette would be amazing!
  • Barn: We are in Tennessee, so if you have access to a barn, or horses or something that speaks to who you are, let’s use it!
  • Water: I’m thinking a white t-shirt, nothing underneath, with you coming up out of the water – gorgeous!

10. AirBnb:
Don’t want a typical studio shoot, and don’t have access to private property? Let’s rent a unique Airbnb for some one-of-a-kind portraits.

11. Use the bathroom:

  • A Milkbath can be done in many ways: florals, lace, vague undress…
  • In the shower: same thing as a milk bath with a different look.


12. Go Bold with your makeup. A boudoir photo session is always the best time to go a little heavier and a little more glam with your makeup. Just tell your makeup artist to go a little bold and they’ll know exactly what to do that will look best for you.

13. Play with washable paints. Nothing like covering up the important areas with some brightly colored paints.

14. Unique Lighting: We have a gorgeous window in our studio that lets in direct sunlight which makes for some unique lighting patterns.

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15. Keep it simple: Don’t do too many of these ideas in one photo. You want each photo to stand out but not be distracting.

16. Styling matters: Whether you’re going for edgy, or simple boudoir photos, the style of your attire matters as well as the accessories you pair with it. We include a free consultation with our boudoir portraits to help you choose what the best pieces are for you!


17. Boudoir Photos Make the best gifts: whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, valentine’s day or just a Tuesday, your partner will LOVE getting boudoir photos as a gift.

18. Display ideas for your boudoir photos:

  • Album: this is the typical go to for boudoir clients and they are perfect. Ours are completely customizable, one-of-a-kind keepsakes.
  • Wall art: Displaying your boudoir portraits on the walls probably wasn’t the first idea you had but, imagine hanging one in your master bathroom, or behind his work shirts hanging in the closet!
  • Digital items: These are available in our studio too! If you want digital prints or mobile apps.

I hope that you’ve come across some new boudoir photo ideas with this article, and I can’t wait to hear from you!

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