Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Boudoir Outfit Ideas for Boudoir Photography with Chattanooga Boudoir Photographer Jennifer Anderson

Boudoir Outfit Ideas are here! Use these links to purchase items through Amazon (affiliate links)

You can always wear nothing and/or wrap in a sheet. This is a classic, un-distracting way to get gorgeous boudoir portraits. But I suggest that we have some variety to choose from, shoot several “outfits” and create a diverse gallery for you to choose from for your album. 

Now, a little advice: If you plan to take care of your boudoir outfits and wear them a million times, I suggest purchasing your lingerie from a store like Adore Me, Aerie, or Victoria’s Secret. If you are ok not knowing how long they will last, or you want to be able to change it up affordably, then by all means, Amazon is your best friend for boudoir outfits. SheIn is also a decent option, but shipping times can be long, and the reviews aren’t always trustworthy, so shop at your own risk!

To buy the item you see in the image, just click the image to be taken to the Amazon listing!

Two major tips when shopping on Amazon for Boudoir Outfits:

  1. Make sure you are purchasing PRIME items because Amazon backs these purchases, making returns easy.
  2. Read the reviews and look at the reviews with pictures to see the garment on actual women.

Boudoir Outfit Ideas #1: Bodysuits

1. Lace Bodysuits

Lace bodysuits look amazon on every single woman. No matter your body type, you will love your boudoir images from a lace body suit. Plus, you can totally wear it again with a pair of jeans and a blazer for date night or girls night out!

When choosing lace pieces, make sure the pattern is something that you like. Also, check the review images to make sure the lace lays correctly on the body when worn.

2. Solid Bodysuits

Again, bodysuits look amazing on anyone! Imagine this wrap style one where we pull it off one shoulder and look how it shows off collarbones! The high-cut one shows off hip bones and the strappy one at the end is great for wearing outside your boudoir session with some jean shorts.  

3. Sheer Bodysuits

Now these are really cool. They are sheer enough that you can see things but not completely see through making the obscurity really sexy for your boudoir session.

The patterns on these sheer bodysuits create visual interest without taking away from the whole purpose of the shoot.    

4. Rhinestone Bodysuits

Ok – take that bodysuit idea and glam it up with some rhinestones and sparkle. 

You can wear things underneath, or not 🙂 Your call!

Boudoir Outfit Ideas #2: Traditional Items

5. Bra & Panty Sets

This is the most typical boudoir outfit idea.

Simple bra and panty sets are perfect for a boudoir session. You can do the entire session in just bra and panty sets, honestly. Choose items with detail and lace, but not too busy.

6. Corsets

Corsets are a classic boudoir outfit idea. There are so many options, but I really love these. You can pair them with simple panties, some booty shorts, jeans and more for several different looks. 

7. Calvin Klein

Ok – I love a good simple Calvin Klein set. We can do these sets on their own, we can pair the panties with a Jersey, we can pair the top with some booty shorts, etc. So versatile!

8. Boxers

This is a super cute way to tie his or your favorite characters into your boudoir shoot! Yes, they’re technically “mens” boxers, but they are adorable on a woman and ridiculously comfortable!

Boudoir Outfit Ideas #3: Robes & Skirts

9. Lace Robes

Lace robes will take your boudoir outfits to a whole other level. They create a level of elegance and class in your boudoir session. 

10. Fur Robe

Want to take the robe idea up a notch? These fur and tulle fluffy robes are so lavish 😍

11. Satin Robe

Satin robes are always a great option too. I love doing robes with only panties underneath, and pull it off your shoulder to show off your neck and collarbones.

12. Chiffon Skirt

These chiffon skirt sets are also a super classy and elegant way to elevate your boudoir session with your outfits. 

Boudoir Outfit Ideas #4: Everyday Items

13. Oversized Sweater

Not only can oversized sweaters be super comfy, hide trouble areas, and show off just the right amount of skin, you can wear them to the grocery store later 😉

14. Cardigan

Cardigans with nothing underneath up top are super sexy without being raunchy. Classy sexy. 

15. Oversized T-Shirt

Whether you steal one of his favorite shirts, or buy one specifically for this shoot, T-shirts can be made super sexy in a comfy, classy way. 

16. Button Down

If you can figure out how to sneak one of his favorite button downs, he’ll be so surprised!

Also, you could buy one and put some pretty bright red lingerie underneath for a peek-a-boo sexy look.

17. Jeans

Imagine this: tight ripped jeans, with just a bra on top ❤️

That’s all you need and you’ve got a great boudoir outfit.

18. Crop Top

This is another boudoir outfit idea that is classic and provides a piece of clothing to wear another time too! 

19. Booty Shorts

If you love your rear end, let’s show it off with some cute little booty shorts. 

20. Team Jersey

Do you have a favorite team? Does he? Bring something branded and let’s incorporate it!

Boudoir Outfit Ideas #5: Outerwear

21. Leather Jacket

Imagine this: just a leather jacket and some cute panties. That’s it. Simple, sexy, and edgy. 

22. Blazer

Same thing here. Just dressing it up a little with a blazer instead of a leather jacket. Be that sexy business woman.

Boudoir Outfit Ideas #6: Dresses

23. Slip Dress

Full disclosure: these are not my favorite boudoir outfits because they aren’t always flattering, but we can use them. Make sure to get a  fitted one, and we’ll pair it with some other items to give it a look that will flatter you. 

24. Sexy Gown

Ok, I LOVE these high slit gowns. End of story 😂

25. Sheer Dress

These sheer dresses can be worn with plain lingerie or nothing underneath for a subtle, classy sexy look. 

Boudoir Outfit Ideas #7: Accessories

26. Veil

Getting married sometime soon? Or recently married? If you’re giving him an album as your wedding or anniversary gift, we can utilize your veil as a neat accessory to celebrate the occasion!

27. Pasties

I love a good pasty for your boudoir session. Get creative with the dozens of options available and let your personality show through!

28. Thigh High Stockings

These thigh highs that have the waist band are super cool and don’t ride down during the shoot. They also don’t leave marks on your thighs for the next outfit. 

The socks would look super cute with the team wear we mentioned earlier too! 

29. Body Jewelry

I have had several women bring body jewelry for their boudoir sessions and it is absolutely amazing! The shimmer and the way the jewels catch the light and bring attention to your curves is amazing. Just do it!

Boudoir Outfit Ideas #8: Shoes

30. Heels

I do want to caveat here that  shoes are not a requirement. If you are not a shoe person, that is 100% ok.

But, if you are a shoe person, make sure to show off your style with them!

31. Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots are a no brainier for a boudoir session if you like shoes. The options here are endless and they can be paired with so many of these outfit ideas!

I hope that this post about boudoir outfit ideas have given you lots of inspiration! I am so excited to have you into the studio for your session! 

Also, if you have any questions about what to wear for your shoot, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We can shop together at your consultation and make things work!

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Jennifer is a local wife and mom active in her community as the resident photographer for Ooltewah Living and East Hamilton Living Magazines as well as the Content Coordinator for both magazines. 

When Jennifer isn’t shooting (which is rare) she is spending time traveling with her family of six to new places.

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